Jodie Sweetin Has Gay Marriage Hopes

Jodie Sweetin is engaged to boyfriend Morty Coyle, but don't expect the two to walk down the aisle any time in the near future. They want to wait until everyone has that same opportunity.

The couple, both of whom are vocal gay rights advocates, say that they will plan the timing of their nuptials around the legalization of gay marriage across America. We want to wait until there's equality for everybody to get married, says Coyle, adding that he's happy with their choice to become engaged. Just because we weren't married doesn't mean she doesn't deserve a ring.

Good for them! Brad and Angelina say they are doing the same thing, but it has always surprised me that more people have not. We say we want equality, but then we throw ourselves into planning our own weddings and don't look back. So, Jodie Sweetin is my new hero. 


At 29, she has been through a lot in her life, but she seems to have come out the other side and is a mom to two healthy children and also is in a relationship that seems very happy. Overcoming adversity is always admirable, but this is something else.

To put your own dreams and desires on hold because not everyone is given that chance is unique. How many of us can say we would do that? I know many, many gay marriage advocates, but no one who postponed their own heterosexual marriages because of it.

My husband and I were married in 2003, just a few months before this fight intensified and we said then that had it been so intense, we would have postponed our marriage until there was equality. But now, nearly eight years later, there is still none. And we are well into our life together with two kids. Would we have been willing to really wait it out? I doubt it. 

For us, being married is a protection for our family. It is traditional, yes, but it also shows our children that we are committed to one another enough to legally bind it. We file our taxes as a married couple and in the eyes of many, it has made our union more legitimate. We can now sleep together in a bed in my mother-in-law's house.

We did not need marriage to express our love, but it is a nice way to protect it. If we were not married, what would my protection have been when I was a stay at home mom should we get divorced? Most of all, our reasons for marrying were simple: we wanted to. For us, it was a simple thing, but for homosexuals, it is a huge fight just to be able to legalize their union.

That is so wrong and I wish that more people were like Sweetin. And I wish they did not have to be.

Would you ever really amend your life for a cause?



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