Steven Tyler Sexes Up 'Idol' Like Simon Never Could

Steven TylerSteven Tyler, you sexy older man, you. Even at the ripe age of 62, as one of the new American Idol judges, you are showing the world that you've still got it.

Sure you’ve gone through some hard times: You've struggled with addiction; you were in some relationships that didn't end well; and you had a few accidents like falling off of the stage while performing a few years ago in North Dakota. You've also done some procreating with three different women: fathering Liv Tyler and her half sister Mia Tyler, as well as two younger kids that carry your Italian last name of Tallarico.

But you’re Steven "F*#@ing" Tyler. And it's high time the younger generation really learns who you are and gets some exposure to your music. Plus, you're bringing sexy back to American Idol. (Sorry but Simon Cowell didn't do it for me. His t-shirt wardrobe just seemed a little boring and odd. And Randy Jackson is cute like a teddy bear.)

So what's so sexy about Tyler? Read on!

  • His mouth: It should have a fan club of its own or at least be insured for a few million by Lloyd's of London. Big mouth, big lips, big ... hmmm.
  • His body: It's long and lean, almost like that of a ballet dancer's. And for someone who's reputed to have had a substance abuse problem, he's surprisingly muscular.
  • His voice: Both his speaking voice and his singing voice are unique. A little raspy with a cool intonation. I wouldn’t mind him serenading me a little.
  • His sense of style: Tyler has a style all his own. It's a little odd at times and over the top but he exudes confidence. And confidence equals sexy.
  • His talent: The man wrote or co-wrote such classic rock ballads as "Cryin," "Janie's Got a Gun," and "Dream On."

Not to mention, he's the perfect one to push the Idol hopefuls on, singing "Dream on. Dream on. Dream on. Dream until your dreams come true."  

Do you think Steven Tyler is sexy?


Image via SongLyrics/Flickr

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