Not Tonight, Dear, I'm Allergic to Your Sperm

Man fluDoes your partner ever claim to feel sick after he ejaculates? I mean really sick, with fever, fatigue, and itchy eyes, like he has the flu.

Well, he may be telling the truth, that he has the man-flu, and not just trying to find an excuse to lay around in bed because he’s worn out from your love-making session. He may actually be allergic to his own semen.

Huh? Come again?

The results of a new Dutch study of this semen allergy, known as post-orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS), confirms the cause of this sickness. The study was conducted by pricking the subjects' skin with their own diluted semen and recording their bodies' reactions, which ran the gamut of flu-like symptoms.


If your partner suffers from POIS, tell them not to lose hope. A treatment has been developed to help reduce the allergic reaction so that the symptoms are much milder. And the treatment requires them to orgasm.

Over a period of a few years, the patient is injected with diluted samples of their own semen, with the samples slowly getting increasingly stronger. This treatment, known as hyposensitization, is similar to the treatment for allergies for pollen and mold and works to reduce the body's reaction to whatever the allergen is.

That could be an interesting conversation for your partner to have at work while explaining his frequent visits to the allergist: "I'll be back in an hour. Just going to jerk-off and have my sperm injected back into my body with a big, long needle."

It's better than the alternative of having your partner say to you, "Not tonight dear, I’m allergic." The things we do for love and sex.

Do you know anyone who suffers from post-orgasmic illness syndrome?

Image via xJasonRogersx/Flickr

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