Piers Morgan: Why We Want to Sleep With Him

Piers MorganPiers Morgan's new talk show, the aptly named Piers Morgan Tonight, debuted this week in Larry King's old time slot on CNN. In this first week, Piers is interviewing Oprah, Howard Stern, George Clooney, Condoleezza Rice, and Ricky Gervais.

And while I'm sure that Piers is going to ask his guests probing questions about their political ideologies, love lives, childhoods, and, perhaps, even their net worth, I'm also sure that viewers are going to want to know something about his personal life.

Because in the world of celebrity, all's fair. 


Just look at how much we know about Larry King's life. We all know how many times Larry's been married (eight times to seven women), divorced (seven times), and how many children he has (five biological and one stepson). And of course, we know about the allegations unleashed last spring when his wife accused him of sleeping with her sister.

So let's learn a little about Piers and his personal life

Piers has three sons with his first wife Marion Shalloe. After an alleged affair with fellow British journalist Marina Hyde, he and Shalloe were divorced. After a few other liaisons, Piers met Celia Walden 12 years his junior while interviewing her for British GQ. The two dated for 4 years and got married last summer. 

And while there are some similarities between the personal lives of Larry and Piers, I'm going to go out on a limb here and give you a few reasons as to why Piers is sexier than Larry King:

  • Did you see Piers' face the first time he heard Susan Boyle sing on Britain's Got Talent? Oh, a sensitive man is very sexy.
  • Piers is much younger than King. You could actually imagine having an affair with him. Or at least fantasize a little bit.
  • That accent really is a turn-on.
  • Piers is only on his second wife.
Who would you rather? Piers Morgan or Larry King?


Image via thisiscow/Flickr

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