New Zodiac Signs = Divorce for Me?

Is your Sagittarius boyfriend an Ophiuchus now? These new Zodiac signs for 2011 have significance not only over our own personalities and lives, but also over our love lives. Entire relationships have been formed over our astrological signs. As in: "What's your sign, baby?"

This may mean the loyal Cancer we fell in love with may actually be a two-faced Gemini (like me) or the out there, exciting Aquarius is actually a hard-driving Capricorn.

The horror!

For me, personally, it's devastating. One of the first things I noticed about my husband -- besides his trim and cut build, strong jaw, 6'3" height, and off-beat sense of humor -- was his birthday. He was born on Halloween, which is my favorite holiday, but it's also one day before my mother's birthday. She died when I was 16 and she and I were very close, so I always knew that when I was with a man who was like her, I should jump, which is why I vowed at the age of 17 that I would only marry a Scorpio


Later, I realized how lame that was (um, because it is) and I dated an Aquarius Capricorn and a Gemini (er, Taurus) both very seriously. But when my husband came along and he -- like my mom -- was a Scorpio, he definitely got some extra points. Not saying I married him because he was deep, mysterious, intense, and compatible with my water sign (Cancer), but it sure didn't hurt.

So, what am I going to do with a Libra?

My own sign shift is welcome. Much as I have related to being a Cancer, being a Gemini fits my extroverted, loud, mercurial nature a bit better. Plus I am a professional writer and communicator, both of which Gemini fits perfectly. Good on me!

My husband, on the other hand ... oh sexy Scorpio, how I will miss you and your deep, mysterious ways. He has gone from this:

Scorpios work as hard as they do so they can someday sit back and feel satisfied with themselves. These folks are intense, passionate, and filled with desire. They're also complex and secretive, so don't expect to get much out of them, lest they become suspicious and exit stage left. It's best not to bet against Scorpios, either, since these folks are surprisingly resourceful.

To this:

Libras abhor conflict. The scales study every possible angle in the hopes of achieving peace and harmony, so much so that others may see them as fickle and indecisive. If that's what it takes to avoid a confrontation, that's fine with the Scales.

Great. So now I am married to a giant wimp. From sexy and smoldering to wimpy conflict-avoider in one fateful day. Thanks a lot January 13. You just ruined eight years of marriage.

Luckily, we have eight years of marriage under our belt and I love him for him at this point. He isn't a guy I rejected in a bar because he was born under a bad sign, but rather a complex human being who now happens to be a Libra. Disappointing? Yes. Grounds for divorce? Probably not.

Also, it seems Libra and Gemini are quite compatible, indeed. I guess I'll keep the little Libra around, but I still plan to set those scales on fire from time to time.

Were you disappointed with your spouse's new sign?

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