Lauren Miller Snags Sexiest Man Alive (Oh, Seth Rogen!)

Lauren Miller Seth Rogan

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller

Oh, Lauren Miller, you lucky lucky woman. You strut around with your hot porcelain-skinned, dark-haired, rockin' bod sexiness and people are looking at you. But girl, that's nothing compared to the one sizzling hot husband-to-be in Seth Rogen you scored. You better count your lucky stars and hang on tight to that sexy man!

Swoon, Seth Rogen!

Let's check out Mr. Rogen's hotness factors (and make ourselves really jealous of Lauren Miller) ...


Awhile back, Seth Rogen, who's starring in the new Green Hornet movie, admitted he thought then-girlfriend, now-fiance Lauren Miller was a little out of his league. "I have a girlfriend who is far prettier than I should have."

WhatEVER, Seth Rogen. I mean, yeah, Lauren's a babe and all, but thousands of other women see what a hunk Lauren's landed (and have the total hots for you when she's not looking ...). Look in the mirror already! You've been hot from the start of your career and, who knew, you're actually getting hotter by the minute.

What's totally HOT about Seth Rogen:

Funny: Funny goes a lot further than classic studly beauty in my book. Have you seen Superbad, Knocked Up, Seth Rogen in anything ... hilarious!

Cuddly: Don't you just want to cuddle with him? And no, this isn't a weight thing. Even now that he's slim, I still want to cuddle with him. A lot! Sorry, Lauren.

Glasses: I love a man in glasses, especially nerdy ones.

His smile: It's goofy. And infectious!

His laugh: Give it a listen. And try not to laugh. It's wonderful.

And check out Seth in the trailer for Green Hornet. Hello, HOTNESS.

What do you think? Did Lauren Miller totally score or what?


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