Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds: Friends Make Better Rebounds

Ryan ReynoldsBreaking up, as the song goes, is hard to do. So it's nice to hear a little good news for Sandra Bullock these days. Turns out she's spending a lot of time with a fellow traveler on the road of bad romance, Ryan Reynolds.

Hold your horses! Sandra's not getting back on hers yet. The couple who played on-screen lovers in the ridiculous The Proposal is reporting they're "just friends." And you know what? This could be just the kind of friend both of them need after Bullock's tumultuous divorce from Jesse James and Reynolds' break-up with wife Scarlett Johansson.


Trying to get serious immediately post-break-up is a colossally bad idea. So to counteract it, you always have to listen to your (straight) BFFs swearing off the opposite sex because "I'm not ready" or "I don't want to rush things" or "OMFG, all men are bastards!" Which is an even worse idea.

Just when you think every member of the opposite sex is a rotten pile of dog doo doo, it's a friend of said questionable gender who is going to be able to restore your faith in humanity. And best of all, they do it with no strings attached. AKA, no rebound sex that messes with your head and eventually your heart, leaving you crying into your Chubby Hubby and telling your BFF you're done with men (aaaaand lather, rinse, repeat).

Consider this: despite old Harry Burns' pessimistic view on women and men being friends in that classic chick flick, When Harry Met Sally, a full 83 percent of people think opposite sex friendships work and have value in their lives. For much the same reason that mixed-gender classrooms are good for kids to teach them socially acceptable ways of dealing with one another, in the wake of a break-up, we need to get a sense once again of how the average guy (or for Reynolds, girl) works. Not the one we were with, whose habits we know by rote, and whose habits obviously didn't work for us.

Of course, there's always the risk that that guy next door who lets you cry on his shoulder ends up being the rebound anyway. Based on my own personal lust for Ryan (I blame that adorable dad role in Definitely Maybe for ruining me for other unattainable Hollywood actors), I have to say Sandra could do much worse for a fun recovery from last year's train wreck.

What do you say: do you want a friend of the opposite sex when you're trying to recover?

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