Is a Man Without a Wedding Ring Looking to Score?

When I see a man with a wedding ring, it says three things to me: 1.) Taken 2.) Taken and 3.) Taken.

Since I am married, too, this isn't information that changes much about the way I will relate to him. It wasn't as if I was going to hit on the guy or try to get him to hit on me. But it does send a message to my brain that this man has another half. And when I was single, wedding rings let me know who was available and who wasn't. Of course, not all men wear them even when they're married.

The other day, my husband of nearly 8 years left the house for the first time in all that time without his wedding ring. For a full day he walked around bare fingered, telling the world: "I'm available!" Of course, by "world" I mean his work and, of course, I trust my husband so I wasn't worried, but it does beg the question:

What is a man without a wedding ring trying to say?


In my husband's case, it was an accident. He had placed it on the sink while he was showering, but our cleaning people came early and he needed to get out, and in the rush to leave, he left it there. When he came home, he put it back on. There was no drama.

But wedding rings, for some women, are really important. To them, a man who goes bare is looking to score.

It's a mixed bag. I want my man to wear his, but don't think a ring will stop him from cheating. If anything, he has had more women hit on him since he put on the band of gold (actually, titanium), and it's hardly as if a million women descended upon him last night because he was without it.

My father has been married twice and never worn a ring. I was at his second wedding so I know he owns one, but I haven't seen it since that day. Still, I like that my husband wears the ring I put on his finger in June of 2003, that means something to me. I would never leave my house without my wedding rings and I expect the same from him.

Luckily my man agrees.

Do you care if your husband wears his ring?


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