Jenny McCarthy Needs a Dating Time-Out

Jenny McCarthyIs Jenny McCarthy afraid to be by herself? Since her five year relationship with Jim Carrey ended last April, McCarthy seems to be spending a fair amount of time looking for love.

On New Year's Eve, she was spotted smooching with her new boyfriend, Paul Krepelka. They've been dating for a few weeks. Krepelka is a sports attorney from Boston who works for the Orr Hockey Group as an NHL players agent.

This relationship started not long after McCarthy and Las Vegas-based bodybuilder/entrepreneur Jason Toohey broke up after four months together.


McCarthy started seeing Toohey in June, a few months after her breakup with Carrey, even moving in to his apartment in Las Vegas for a while because her house in Los Angeles was being renovated.

Funny man, bodybuilder and now NHL agent. At least she’s varying her types. But I'm not too optimistic about her future with Krepelka. It seems to me, after being in a relationship for five years, she should take some time to be alone. Well, not exactly alone but with her 8 year-old son Evan, who was close to Carrey also.

I'm no Jenny McCarthy. I haven't written a few books or had a child diagnosed with autism. And I haven't modeled for Playboy. But I was divorced after being married for 7 years and I have a couple of kids.

And I'm telling you, Jenny, it seems like you’re looking for something that you’re just not finding. So spend more time with your kid. Hang out with your girlfriends. Buy a new sex toy if you're feeling sexually unfulfilled. And figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life.

After this self-imposed time-out, step back in to the dating world. You'll have a whole new outlook. I promise. And I bet you'll have better luck finding love. It worked for me.

Do you think Jenny should take a dating time-out?


Image via duncan arsenault/Flickr

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