Ashley Harlan & Ben Roethlisberger Engagement Causes Red Flags to Fly

Ben RoethlisbergerAshley Harlan, a nice young woman who is a physician's assistant and just graduated from St. Francis University two years ago with a bachelor's degree in health science, is now supposedly engaged to one of the NFL's most hated men: Ben Roethlisberger. Ashley dear, I know that dating a football player must be exciting, but there are just way too many red flags being thrown up in this situation. And I'm not talking about for a coach's challenge, though I am challenging her thought process into saying yes to his proposal. However, she could have said "no" and he did it anyways, that sounds like Big Ben doesn't it?


Red flag number one: When your boyfriend-turned-fiance has a history of rape accusations. Any time a guy has a history of violence towards women, whether he was found guilty or not, it's something to be wary of. Personally, the accusations would be enough to scare me away.

Red flag number two: These accusations happened in late 2009, just a little over a year ago. Exactly how long have they been together? Either he, allegedly, cheated on her, or they've had a short relationship, both of which deserve of a flag throw down.

Red flag number three: He has never mentioned her to the press. Ever.

Red flag number four: Even with the rumors swirling of his engagement, he is still denying even having a relationship. I get that it's important, as a celebrity, to keep your privacy, but with his bad boy image, if he had truly changed, you would think he'd want to show the world. At least for her sake so the world doesn't think she's a complete fool.

What do you think of this girl getting engaged to Big Ben? Think she's crazy?


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