Sherri Shepherd Engaged: Is Another Big 'View' Wedding in Store?

Sherri Shepherd is engaged to Lamar Sally, a television writer who popped the question the day after Christmas. This will be the second marriage for the star of The View, who was married before and has one young son with her ex-husband Jeff Tarpley.

Shepherd now joins the ranks of the many stars who were engaged over the past couple weeks. That list also includes Vivica Fox, Hugh Hefner, and Reese Witherspoon. Quite a motley crew and a whole lot of Christmas love going around these parts!

Let's just hope this wedding doesn't become the sole topic of conversation over the next few months on the show and in the tabloids. And if the past is any indication, we may be in for it. Remember Star Jones, anyone?


In 2005, the former star of The View married Al Reynolds in an over-the-top divalicious ceremony that was talked about for months on the morning program. Three years later, they were divorced.

According to the New York Daily News:

Their union was dogged by media speculation that Reynolds was gay and a backlash over corporate sponsorships of their million-dollar wedding. Jones once bragged that Reynolds had the "legs of of a stallion," but the ex-banker apparently wasn't enough of a workhorse.

Hopefully that checkered past with weddings won't hurt The View's current host whose own history with marriage is somewhat checkered as well. Her first marriage was the subject of her once-sitcom Sherri. Apparently, she caught her ex-husband having an affair.

Still, we all learn from past mistakes, and as long as Shepherd stays away from using her fame to gain wedding perks (something Jones was accused of), she should be fine. Let's also hope that her fiance is a stand-up guy who won't cheat the way her first husband did.

Judging from his good job and romantic proposal -- she came home on December 26 to find her dog wearing a Santa beard and hat, and in the middle of a dish filled with M&M's was a ring box -- she should be just fine.

Congratulations to the happy couple, but let's hope the wedding plans don't become a major topic of conversation over the next few months. One massive, spectacle wedding on The View is enough for a lifetime.

Do you think this is a good match?


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