Celebrate National Whipped Cream Day Every Day!

Whipped creamDid you know that today is National Whipped Cream Day? That’s right, January 5 is our nation’s celebration of that multi-use dairy (or non-dairy) wonder. And really, who doesn't love the way whipped cream tastes on top of a classic strawberry shortcake or an ice cream sundae?

But whipped cream may be better known among the adventurous, and hungry, adult crowd as a sweet addition to their sex life. Nature's own sex toy, coming in all sorts of and all natural and organic varieties as well.

And why celebrate this holiday today?


Because Aaron “Bunny” Lapin, the creator of Reddi-wip, was born on this day in 1914. Lapin, who died in 1999, was known as Bunny because in French, lapin means rabbit. He was the first person to put whipped cream in an aerosol spray can. And he became a multi-millionaire in the process.

The man was a genius.

So, in celebration of National Whipped Cream Day, and Mr. Lapin's unknowing contribution to foreplay, on not just today but any day, here are a few non-traditional ideas to pay homage to this great creamy sweet wonder.

1. Write the number Pi in its usual decimal notation (3.14159265) on your partner's abdomen. Then use a bushel of strawberries to clean it up. Works best if your partner has six-pack abs and waxes his torso regularly.

2. Pretend the whipped cream is shaving cream, lather up your legs, and let your lover use his tongue to give you a (pretend) close shave. Would be sexier if you actually shave your legs ahead of time so he doesn't get a mouthful of stubble.

3. Play a funny trick on your next door neighbor. Fill your mouth up with whipped cream. Have your husband sit by the front window, with a big smile on his face, and wave hello. All of sudden, you pop up from between his legs and give the neighbor a big smile, showing him all of the cream coming out of your mouth.

4. Make a whipped cream banana hammock bathing suit (like a Speedo) for your partner. Then slowly lick it off of him, saving the best part for last. Most palatable after he has showered.

5. Or be old-fashioned. Make an enormous ice cream sundae, with nuts and extra cherries on top, and feed it to each other. Giggle like you're still in high school.

How will you celebrate National Whipped Cream Day?

Image via Betsssssy/Flickr

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