Best Date Idea Ever! Get Drunk & Act Like a Child

date nightI am a huge fan of the dating website, which matches people up based on their date suggestions. It's a cool concept -- artsy people will likely be interested in an evening at a gallery, while sports fans would love to attend next week's Yankees game -- but I've tried it and didn't really find success, mostly because the dates that men suggested were the typical drinks and conversation. How original.

What made me a frequent visitor of the site is that it did often offer up great unique date ideas, usually posted by the women, that I copied tried out with my current squeeze.

They recently put together the 25 top-rated date ideas that were posted in 2010, and the overall theme that everyone seems to love is a night of boozing and nostalgic childhood activities. Here are a few of my favorites (for the full list, check out the How About We website):


24) ... drink some cocktails and then go see Step Up 3D. If our ancestors saw people dance fighting in 3D their heads would implode. This moment in time warrants celebration. Make sure you've seen the earlier installments in the series. I don't want to have to explain the whole back story during the first dance-off.

21) ... grab some noodles then play video games at the Chinatown arcade.

17) ... get a few beers and then play Truth or Dare.

11) ... meet at a thrift store and buy ridiculous clothes to wear to a bar?

2) ... go to the Fat Cat and listen to some live Jazz while we swat at ping pong balls.

All of these ideas are awesome, right? I'm a huge fan of enjoying an experience beyond cocktails and conversation on a first date. It gives you something to talk about, causes you to subconsciously tap into your silly side (which is arguably the side that people are most hesitant to show on a first date), and bring out your true self. Forget the interview-type questions, I'm going to kick your ass in ping pong! And of course, the boozing can help even the most shy girl or guy let their walls down.

What's your favorite kind of date? Would you be up for trying anything on the list?


Image via kevindooley/Flickr

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