Guess Who Justin Bieber Thinks Is Sexy?

Justin BieberOh Justin Bieber. You used to be this adorable little kid. Now you're an obnoxious almost man who just crossed over into "if my guy acted like that, I'd dump him" territory. Not to mention you're making the rest of us regular Janes (and Justins) a tad bit uncomfortable.

The Biebs posed with an open shirt and told Vanity Fair that all those screaming girls -- who just helped him take the number two most popular spot on Twitter -- aren't just chasing him because of his record sales. They really want his body:

Not trying to be arrogant, but if I walked down the street and a girl saw me, she might take a look back because maybe I’m good-looking, right?


Justin, you're young and I'm embarrassed to admit I have Eenie Meenie on my iPod (and even more embarrassed to admit it's not in the section labeled "playlist for the kid"), so let me break this one down for you as simply as possible. If you have to preface your statements with "not trying to be arrogant," you probably shouldn't say it. And you might want to keep your new girlfriend Selena Gomez from getting ahold of a copy of Vanity Fair this month. Because you only made it worse with this comment:

Of course, I think that people are just waiting for that time when I make a mistake and they’re gonna jump on it .... There’s gonna be haters.

Oh the hubris! It's inevitable that Selena's going to find out soon enough that you're a flawed human being. She's got a radio, right? But in the world of romance, there's no relationship that takes more work than dating a narcissist (male or female). The time spent stroking their egos is the very definition of "high maintenance."

Suddenly, Justin Bieber has stopped looking cute and started looking a lady's worst nightmare. And lest you get comfy in the knowledge that you're not expecting to date a celebrity any time soon, beware! Your cutie may be spending more time in front of the mirror than in the sack soon too. After all, where the Biebs goes, so does America (or so he seems to think). 

Now studies point to social media feeding the narcissism in America (and I'm willing to be it goes for Bieber's native Canada too). All it takes is a little bit of Facebook attention, and the self love goes wild. With his number two slot on Twitter and number 19 on Facebook, it's no surprise the boy wonder thinks we can't live without him. Now the question for the rest of us: does your guy seem to be taking his social media status to heart too?


Image via Facebook

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