Valerie Bertinelli: Married & Thin But Also Happy

Valerie Bertinelli & Tom VitaleValerie Bertinelli married her boyfriend of seven years, Tom Vitale, on New Year's Day. Now that's a long-awaited happy ending. And just goes to show that there is hope for happiness and love after divorce.

Bertinelli's first marriage, to rocker Eddie Van Halen, lasted almost 25 years. She was only 21 when they exchanged vows and 31 when she gave birth to their son Wolfgang. And from the beginning, she struggled with her weight and had self esteem issues and a drug habit that included snorting cocaine with her husband.

When you look at recent pictures of Bertinelli and read her interviews, you just get the feeling that she found her way to becoming a balanced, healthy, and happy woman. Sure, she had some obstacles to overcome, but she did and found true love along the way.

Boy, has she come a long way.


I watched One Day at a Time when I was a kid. Bertinelli just always seemed to exude a bubbly warmth. Plus she was cute, with her long hair and bell bottoms. She was the cool older sister I always wanted to have.

And then she married a Van Halen. That just further fueled my teenage desire to marry a rock star. Then we could hang out together at all of the shows, and I could grow my hair down to my rear and travel the country on the band's bus.

Didn't happen, though I still think that she's cool.

And Bertinelli wasn't the only one to celebrate love on New Year's Day. Shania Twain married her boyfriend of a little over a year, Frederic Thiebaud, in Hawaii. Thiebaud is the former husband of Marie-Anne Thiebaud, the woman who had an affair with Shania's now ex-husband Robert "Mutt" Lange a few years ago.

A spouse swap. Now that's a heck of a story. And one that's ended with Twain and Thiebaud being happily in love.

Isn't it great when people who have had romantic and other struggles find love and happiness?


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