Vagina Steam Bath to Boost Fertility?

Coming soon to a crotch near you!
It seems that spas in Southern California are providing a new old service -- a traditional Korean remedy called “Chai-yok,” otherwise known as the V-Steam. Basically, it’s a steam bath for your nether bits, using a particular herb concoction.

People are going nuts about this all over the Internets. On my local Yelp, a poor, innocent woman asked if anyone knew of a local place to get this done, and the reaction was a giant BLUUUURGH!

Me, I think it sounds nice.


I'm the first to admit the science on this is murky at best. There are people who say they got pregnant after having it regularly, but there are always people like that, who just happen to get pregnant right after they try one more experimental thingy, and attribute it to the experimental thingy rather than, you know, blind chance.

There’s also the notion -- and this is really what it comes down to for me -- that if you do anything relaxing a bunch of times, you’re going to feel better all over. So whether it’s a crotch-facial, or a hot-stone massage, or getting beaten senseless by Russian ladies wielding besoms, you’re going to feel better after doing it. Even if it’s only because you took some time to do something for yourself.

I checked with my Korean friend Eunah, and she said yeah, her mom had her do this after each of her deliveries. “It’s supposed to clean out your insides after you deliver,” she said. “It smells good, and feels nice to have your bottom all warmed up.” Plus, she says, after sitting over it for a bit, she passed a big ol’ lochia.

Like I said, probably just a result of being warm and relaxed and pampered after the trauma of delivery. Lord knows I was attached to my sitz baths. And even if you aren't in the post-baby madness, I am a huge fan of being nice to your vagina ... so it'll be nice to you.

But really, what’s so gross about having a nice, steamy, herbal bidet? I want one right now! And wouldn’t it be especially nice after a Brazilian wax?

I’m on Team Chai-yok. How about you?

Image via Rakugo/Flickr

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