Lily Shang Sex Tape Divorce Debacle: A Lesson for All Ladies?

dvdJust in case you needed another reason to be careful who you make a sex tape with (ahem, Danielle Staub?), the story of Manhattan party girl Lily Shang and her soon-to-be-ex butthead husband should do it for you. David Glenn Rucker is allegedly threatening to release a sex tape to the world if Shang doesn't agree to a lowball divorce settlement.

Wait, isn't that blackmail? Why yes, yes it is! And of course Rucker, a big time investment banker, has the good legal advice sense to be denying it right and left. But the fact that it's even up for public debate should be taken to heart by the millions of Americans currently living in wedded bliss.


Just because you're married now doesn't mean you can get freak nasty and feel safe. You've heard that statistic about 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce? Oh, you've ignored it because you're so in love with a capital L. Of course it doesn't apply to you. But, ahem, that's what Lily Shang and David Glenn Rucker thought on one romantic day in Toronto last year when they got hitched. We all think we're going to be happily ever after -- if you don't, my sympathies.

But when the marriage goes south, and you're out there fighting over your grandma's good china, do you really think he's going to say "eh, that tape with both of us in it, it's only fair that you get to keep it"? It's community property, honey, and he's got just as much of a right to it as you do if he's in it.

Before you comfort yourself with the knowledge that it takes two to tango, and he'd sooner cut off his left testicle than upload a video of his bare behind to Facebook, Shang offers up another twist. She claims Rucker says he can edit the vids so they show her naughty side, but not his.

Damn technology! It helped me get that bug bite off my kid's cheek, and it can whitewash his butt cheeks right out of the way. Normally, I don't give two hoots what happens to some Manhattan party girl, but this is a case we all need to watch. If Rucker follows through, women of America should be afraid . . . be very afraid.

Would you trust your husband enough to make a sex tape?


Image via C.P. Storm/Flickr

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