Matt Kemp & Rihanna Breakup Theories

matt kemp rihanna breakupWe hoped Rihanna could find (non-violent, non-crazy) love again, and it seemed Oklahoma-born professional baseball player, Matt Kemp would have fit the bill. But it looks like the couple couldn't keep it together, and they have now called it quits.

Man, love has been tough this year in Hollywood, right? While this split may not be as devastating as the whole Sandra Bullock/Jesse James debacle, in our household we're all a little sad. Me, because I had hoped Rihanna could move on into a successful romantic life after her trauma, and my husband because Matt Kemp is his favorite Dodger. Which means we all cheer for the outfielder during the season.

Seriously, it's all tears around the dinner table tonight at our pad.

So I asked my husband, who is admittedly on Team Kemp, what he thought about the breakup news.


After first confirming the rumors with a forlorn, "Are you sure?" my husband accepted the news and said he had heard (this from a man who abhors celebrity gossip, mind you) that Kemp wasn't into the whole Hollywood scene, and didn't like running around with Rihanna. My husband also wants to add that Kemp's stats were down last year during his celebrity romance. So maybe he had to ditch the starlet for his career.

Popeater agrees with the first part of his assessment. Additionally, a friend of Rihanna's reports that while it may have seemed like a serious relationship, it was more of a fun fling (a year-long fling!?) and now it has run its course.

Either way, I hope the future holds a nice, healthy, relationship for Rihanna. And of course, our household's favorite Dodger, Matt Kemp.


Image via Christian Petersen/Getty

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