Most Talked About Sex Story of 2010: the Sexual Bucket List & Your Comments

It has been a big year for sex, but one of the most commented on and most controversial of all of our daily sex posts in 2010 was the Sexual Bucket List -- the list of the 50 things we should all try sexually before we die. And boy, did you have a lot to say on the topic.

The post was syndicated by a number of places as well, including Glamour magazine, but right here on The Stir, it generated 239 comments in 2010 (as of December 29) and was still popping into the top 25 daily every few days.

The comments ranged from incredibly judgemental:

Sick Sick Sick..who is thinking this stuff?? It's not fun or safe...those who've done most of it, I'm sure you have STD's!!

To way TMI:


To the lady that said anal, yuck.. ask your husband/boyfriend if it's nasty... I bet they'll BEG you to do it. And btw... it's a totally different (but good) orgasm from intercourse/clitoral stimulation. It's quite fun actually ;) 

Interesting. As the person who wrote the post, I will say this -- it is entirely possible to write a bucket list without having done all of the things mentioned. 'nuff said.

Sometimes it seems the memo of the day needs to be lighten up, people. Seriously, yo. How about this lady:

Nice. 99% of the above can be experienced in a "safe and loving marriage, like mine!" Let's see how safe and loving (not to mention emotionally and physically) the marriage remains when one or both members engage in a safe and loving one night stand, or a safe and loving threesome, or safe and loving sex with a stranger (and maybe an STD!) or safe and loving group sex, or safe and loving foreigner sex (in the anus!) Oh yeah, safe and loving stoned and/or drunk sex, maybe combined with all of the above. The author of this post is very naive, not to mention a moron.

Hahahahhaha. Sometimes it is a wonder I got into a top college, graduated with honors, went on to earn one master's degree (and 3/4 of a second one) at another top school and managed to have a family and a successful career considering what a moron I am. Onward!

How about this gem:

Oh and FYI, getting caught trying to join "The Mile High Club" constitutes felony indecent exposure.  So, this article's "advice" could cause someone to end up in a federal court case at best, and doing 2 years at the worst.

Good to know, but seriously dude, put this on your 2011 resolution list: Remove stick from bum and get sense of humor.

But there are more! Like this:

This absolutely ridiculous.  Kiss a girl?  I have no interest in doing that, yet the author states this is a "must-do"?  Sex while drunk or on another, potentially illegal substance?  Does the author work for Fredrick's of Hollywood or something?  This is what passes for advice these days? 

The funny thing? This person commented at least 5 times on the post....  For someone who was so offended and horrified, she sure did spend a lot of time on the post. Hmmmm.....

Luckily, it looks like some of our readers skipped the judgement and brought their sense of fun:

I'm pretty amused that people still get so riled up about these mild suggestions, but sit back and watch the 6am news full of murders/robberies/rapists without batting an eye. Think about that. Also, if sex were only supposed to be for procreation, it wouldn't be so damn fun.

Amen, sister!

And this:

Love the people that say it is sick to do a lot of these things and that you should all have STD's there are like what  3 things that would put you at risk of an STD paleeeze . outside is fun and in water is fun and in a car when your young is fun and all the other stuff can be done with your mate. so come on people get your corset undone and live a little. You might be surprised at how you feel by being free.

These comments made almost all of us at The Stir laugh and we thank you for them (yes, even those of you who could probably use a stiff drink). Let's keep the party going well into 2011.

Happy new year!


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