Man Faces Jail After Reading Wife's Cheating Email

email affairPrisons in Michigan are about to get a heck of a lot more crowded if cuckolded husband, Leon Walker, goes to jail for reading his wife's email, where he discovered she was having an affair.

Walker could face five years in prison if convicted on charges similar to hacking, but let's hope common sense prevails here. Honestly, how many of us have never looked at an open browser that belonged to a significant other? Or guessed at a password?

If you didn't raise your hand, you deserve an award for outstanding saintliness.

But most people do have opportunity to see their partner's email. In fact, if your other half is overly careful about never leaving his Gmail open where you can see it, you probably should be checking out his personal business. We all know multiple cheaters who have been busted thanks to the world wide web and those dirty text messages. So now if we access that info, we could go to jail? I'm calling bullshit on that one, Michigan.


Clara Walker must have an amazing attorney to work that angle, because not only is that lady a skank for cheating on her husband with her former (and second) husband, the man she's having an affair with was (is?) an abuser. In fact, the man she's hooking up with was arrested for beating her in front of her son. Leon Walker forwarded the emails to Clara Walker's first husband, and father of the boy, because he wanted him to be aware that Mrs. Walker was putting her son back into danger.

Are you following this? Clara Walker is cheating on her third husband (who found her password and busted her), with her second husband, who beat her in front of her child she had with her first husband. Third husband let first husband know what was up with his kid, and his crappy wife.

I think Leon should get an award, and Clara should be the one on trial here.

In the meantime, Leon Walker's attorney says, "Don't the prosecutors have more important things to do with their time?"


Do you think someone should be punished by the law for reading their partner's email?

Image via jenny8lee/Flickr
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