Crystal Harris & Playboy: How Did the Playmate Snag a Lifelong Gig?

It was a big Christmas for Crystal Harris, the buxom playmate who has been seeing Hugh Hefner for the past several months. The octogenarian  presented his young girlfriend with a ring and she presented him with some tears and a big yes.

Hefner, the founder of Playboy, is twice divorced, the first time in 1959 and the second one finalized in March of this year. The engagement might come as a surprise to many fans of the first couple seasons of Girls Next Door, the reality show set at the Playboy mansion that featured Hefner's three girlfriends and launched the careers of Kendra Baskett (Wilkinson), Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison.

Madison was Hefner's number one girlfriend and was the most sure they would one day marry. Both ladies were blond, heavily enhanced and tan. So, what does Crystal have that Madison did not?


She is British: Kind of anyway. Her parents came from England to Lake Havasu, Arizona where they had Crystal 24 years ago.Then they moved back to Britain for a time, eventually settling in San Diego (also where Kendra grew up) where the young Crystal was raised.

She is 60 years younger: Hefner could be her grandfather. In certain parts of the world, he could be her great-grandfather. She is also about seven years younger than his last serious girlfriend.

They met on Halloween: It was 2008 when Harris met Hefner, but she did not move into the mansion full time until 2009. She was Playmate of the month in December 2009.

They have been exclusive almost a year: The Shannon twins moved out of the mansion in January of this year, leaving Crystal alone in the mansion with her 84-year-old love. Although rumors were running rampant that Hefner wanted Holly Madison back, he put those to rest:

"I'm in love with Crystal Harris and wouldn't trade her or the Shannon Twins for anyone in the past," Hefner said.

They got engaged the day after Holly Madison's birthday: Whether it was on purpose or some oversight, they got engaged on December 24. Holly Madison was born December 23, 1979. Hmmmmm....

Good luck to the happy couple. It is a bit of a shock, but hey, stranger things have worked out, right? Maybe he has learned something in the 60 years between his birth and hers that he can teach her. We can always hope. And, of course, there is always Viagra.

Do you think they will last?


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