Rex Ryan Foot Video: Why Everyone Is Jealous

OK, OK, so Jets coach Rex Ryan has a foot fetish (or so it might seem), and he and his wife made a foot fetish video and posted it for all of the Interwebs to see. We get it. It's a little weird. For most of us feet are gross, but apparently for Rex and his wife -- two consenting adults -- they aren't. So what?

Seriously, people, let's all simmer down. Ryan told the New York Post this yesterday:

In those uncomfortable moments, Ryan clenched his teeth and hung his head -- though he did perk up when asked directly about his wife, Michelle, his college sweetheart. "My wife's beautiful," Ryan said. "We've been married for 23 years. She's awesome."

He shouldn't be ashamed at all. He should be proud!


Twenty-three years is a long time to be married, and if the two of them get off on her soft and perfect feet and they are both adults, who cares? In a world full of so much hate and strife and anger (and pedophilia for god's sake!), are we really going to knock a guy for having a thing for feet?

It's not my thing, granted, but that is probably because my feet aren't as pretty as Michelle's. I mean, seriously, the woman has great feet. But I digress.

Why should he be embarrassed that he is so hot for his wife after a quarter century together that he posts videos of her on the Internet? Was he caught with a mistress? A hooker? A goat and a donkey? Nope. No one got hurt. No one even showed skin! So, why the fuss?

Rex, if you can hear me, thumb your nose at the haters! They are just jealous that you and your beautiful wife have something that they don't have -- hot marriages full of passion and excitement. If two consenting adults want to play with feet, swing, or engage in S&M, why do we get to mock that? The fact is, we have no idea what's going on in 99.9999999% of the bedrooms across the United States, so deal with your own bed and hush up. 

Whether it's for feet or fingernails or boobs or butts, every guy has something they like, and if that body part is on their wife of more than two dozen years? More power to them. Keep it hot however you want, Rex and Michelle! I aspire to be you in 15 years!

Do you see what the big fuss is?


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