Denise Richards Needs to Change

Nikki SixxPoor Denise Richards. She’s doing it again, falling for another bad boy. Charlie Sheen, Richie Sambora and now Nikki Sixx. Why does Denise keep making the same mistakes? Doesn’t she have any close friends or confidantes who can tell her to wake up and see the pattern?

But she’s not the only Hollywood actress who comes to mind. (And I use the term actress loosely here.) Heather Locklear was married to both Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora. And Pamela Anderson tied the knot with both Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. All bad boy rockers. None of these relationships worked out.

There's a pattern here people. And I think it's time for Denise, who's turning 40 in February, to go against her type.


Nice guys aren't so bad. Nice guys can be successful, handsome and, well, nice.

So I have a few suggestions for her:

Ryan Reynolds: Recently split from Scarlett Johanssen. He's hot, clean cut, can act and has a reputation for being sensitive. Did you ever see The Proposal? And he's only a few years younger than Denise.

Billy Ray Cyrus: He's a (former) rocker but also a father. A couple of years older than her. If you can forget about his Achy Breaky Heart phase, he's got a lot going on. Acting, singing and not doing drugs. Unlike his daughter Miley.

Michael C. Hall: In the middle of divorce proceedings with his wife (his second marriage) and Dexter cast mate Jennifer Carpenter but supposedly they've been separated for a while. Maybe the third time's a charm for him. He's handsome, has starred in a Broadway show (Cabaret) and seems sensitive. At least his Dexter character is.

One to stay away from? David Arquette. The last thing you need is a man going on Howard Stern's radio show and talking about your relationship.

Any other off-type boyfriend suggestions for Denise?


Image via jediduke/Flickr

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