Ex-Husband of NY Times Homewrecker Speaks Out

HomewreckerAfter reading what Carol Anne Riddell’s former husband Bob Ennis has to say about his ex-wife and her new husband, I’ve come to this conclusion: Riddell and John Partilla are perfect for each other.

And their marriage may survive longer than the critics think because they seem to share so many of the same character traits: narcissism, selfishness, naivete, and poor parental judgment.

As I posted earlier this week, I’m trying not to judge the happy loving couple but the more information that comes out about them and their courtship and subsequent failed New York Times announcement of their nuptials, the harder it gets.


And even though there is already so much wrong with this story, it keeps getting juicier.

Because now Ennis, the ex-husband, has publicly blasted the newlyweds for not just how they portrayed their romance, calling it “revisionist history,” but also for even having it appear in the Times. According to Ennis, the media-savvy couple pitched their love story to another parent at their children’s school: New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller.

Wow. I agree. I’m not saying hide yourselves underneath a rock, but why on earth flaunt this marriage and by necessity, the affair that precipitated it. For your sake and for your family's sake.

Another social error? Ennis said that he was not told in advance that the story was being published. Oops. Not exactly the best way to facilitate a good relationship with the father of your children. And coming from my experience, having two children with an ex-husband, that is one relationship you should care about. Especially for your children's benefit.

But Riddell and Partilla do seem perfect for each other. And perhaps their former spouses will be better off not being married to either one anymore. Like the age-old saying goes: "Birds of a feather flock together."

On the flip side, I wonder if Bob Ennis is available? I know the perfect, non-cheating, already divorced mother of two to set him up with.

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