Genius Sex Toy Hiding Places for All the Goodies Santa Brought You

shoe organizerAfter the 12 Days of Orgasm, I’m left trying to figure out what to do with the sizable number of additions to my sex toy collection.

Because I share my house with a couple of pre-teens, who go in and out of my bedroom, I need to be discrete. And I've run out of room in my usual hiding places. It's not possible to cram 15 plus toys underneath a stack of sweaters.

So I've come up with 4 unusual places to hide my new stash of sex toys:

Hanging 20 Pocket Shoe Organizer ($19): This organizer can either hang on the back of your door or, folded in half, can be hung in the deep recesses of your closet. Perfect for those who have many toys. I love it because it's made of canvas so your toys can breathe.



Tackle box

Ladies Tackle Box ($10.99): Feminine with its lavender and pink color, handy with its two lift out tackle trays and large bottom compartment. No one will guess what's inside or that you're going fishing for live bait.




Busy boxBusy Box ($39.99): This heavy duty plastic box from the Container Store is really three individual stacking boxes. And it's on rollers. I'll feel like a stewardess, pushing it to my husband's side of the bed, and saying, "Cock ring, vibrator or both?" Maybe I'll even dress like a sexy stewardess.


Tool box





Tool Box ($17.97): This 19 inch deep metal tool box has a "hand-away" tray. You could store your smaller toys in the top compartment along with your lube and batteries while using the lower space for your larger items. Love the red color and yet another opportunity for role-playing. "Ma'am, I'm here to fix your plumbing."


Where do you keep your toys?


Images (top to bottom):  Walmart; Bass Pro Shops; The Container Store; The Home Depot

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