5 Holiday Gifts for the Gadget Loving Dad

gadgets for dadNot your typical gadget roundup, I consulted actual dads for this list of tech toys they really, really want to see under the tree/bush this holiday season. 

In addition to the new Xbox 360 (who doesn't want that?), these dads waxed poetic about the following gadgets they swear will inspire them to be more organized, romantic, and entertaining. Hey, they swore!


R2D2 Droid Phone

If your man isn't a sucker for the iPhone, he probably lusts after the Droid. Make his holiday mind-blowing with this R2D2 version of the Droid phone ($199.99) and he'll know you're the coolest lady in the galaxy.

gadgets for dad3D TV

For over $3,000 you know you'll be getting some props for getting the dad in your life this 55" 3D TV from Samsung ($3,299). So if your dude is really, really, really into 3D and MUST see it at home, this is the only way to go this Christmas.

gadgets for dadiPad & Homer Simpson Decal

Every dad I've talked to lusts after an iPad ($499), even the ones who swear they really don't need it. If you're lucky, they already have one and you can swoop in and get him this Homer Simpson Apple thief decal ($8). It really works on any Apple gadget, but come on, we know the iPad is the ultimate one.

gadgets for dadBoxee Box

Forget Apple TV, the Boxee Box from D-Link ($199) will stream movies, music, and your favorite television shows all with your high-speed wireless connection, and you're not married to the iTunes store when you pick up the latest movie release. Score!

gadgets for dadUSB Cell Rechargeable Batteries

You know how annoying it is when you get the rechargeable batteries and you misplace the charger? So does the dad on your list. The USB Cell Rechargeable Batteries ($18.82) plugs right into your computer, and no one is losing that without the help of the TSA, a burglar, or worse. Even better, Christmas morning battery problem -- solved.

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