11th Day of Orgasm: Holiday Bling

HolidayThe holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. Everyone is so cheerful. There are usually parties to attend where you're served good food and perhaps even some eggnog.

And what I really like? People wear their holiday best.

So for this second to last 12 Days of Orgasm sex toy review, I’m getting in the holiday spirit. You know, getting dressed up, putting on my fancy accessories. And this sex toy fits right in to that because it has a little bit of bling: a gold ball that dangles from its bottom.

This toy is not something that you can use alone. Yep, you need to involve your partner. They’ll enjoy it too but you’ll enjoy it more.

It’s the Bong O ring ($19.95) and it’s tag line says it all: “The ring with swing and bling for your thing.”

Want to see what it looks like? Then keep reading ...


Bong O ring

Festive, right?

The Bong O cock ring is made of a stretchy gel that fits over your partner’s penis pretty easily. A little bit of lube can be used if there’s a problem with it, uh, getting stuck.

But once it’s on and the button has been pushed? Pleasure for both but maybe more so for the woman.

At the top of the ring are nubs made of soft gel, in the shape of a star. When you are having sex, particularly in the missionary position, this part of the ring is felt against your clitoris. With each thrust of the ring, you feel not just the vibration but also the nubs. Success!

The gold swinging ball is supposed to vibrate your man where it counts, in his testicles. When I tested it out with my guinea pig (aka husband), I was informed that not much of an effect was felt from the swaying gold ball. Possibly because the vibrations are mainly felt in the top half of the ring. Not that my guinea pig was complaining.

The Bong O is waterproof so you could try it out perhaps in the shower. And it is battery-operated, turned on by pressing a button at the top of the ring.

In a nutshell, the Bong O is easy to use, nicely priced and particularly pleasing for a woman.

Would your partner wear this bit of holiday bling?

One more day in our 12 Days of Orgasm list. Be sure to read about what I test for the grand finale!

Images (top to bottom): mckenzieeee/Flickr; Amazon


Disclosure: I received a free Bong O ring sample to review.



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