Breaking Up Is Now Even Harder to Do ... Thanks, Google

gmailRegardless of how a break-up ends, the transition from becoming lovers to friends (or to strangers) is extremely difficult. Not having the ability to forward along a funny email you know he'll laugh at, or shoot a quick text when you're bored is, for me personally, the most challenging aspect of a break-up.

Usually due to loneliness or alcohol, I end up caving and sending along that prohibited email, confessing how unhappy I am without him. Nothing good ever comes from it, and I end up spiraling into yet another lovesick depression and eating yet another pint of Ben & Jerry's.


To keep myself from getting repeatedly heartbroken (and fat), my personal solution has been to just sever all contact. At least until my heart has had time to mend. I delete his number in my phone, unfriend him on Facebook, and delete his email.

This has always worked in the past because with a simple click, he's out of my life until I'm ready to have him back in it (if ever). But now Google has gone and messed up my whole system. Starting this week, they've added a feature onto Gmail email accounts that allows you to undo changes to your contact list, as far as 30 days back, and those changes including any email addresses that you might have "accidentally" deleted.

Bring out the Chunky Monkey.

It sounds like a really great feature in every other aspect of life, say, if you went on an irate deleting rampage, or if, while trying to sync your contacts onto your phone, there was a bug and you lost them all. But neither of which I know I'll use this feature for. I guarantee you I'll be reviving ex-boyfriends' contact information. 


Do you find it hard to keep from contacting exes? Think this new feature makes it even more difficult?


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