10th Day of Orgasm: Simple Stress Relief

Pocket stoneIt's day 10 of the 12 Days of Orgasm. And while I'm not eagerly rushing to the finish line, I sure will have a little more free time when I’m done with day 12.

On the other hand, I’ve been in a great mood and sleeping like a baby every night. Coincidence?

Today's sex toy is the XS Slim Vibrator ($89.95). The vibe's design is similar to the Lickety Split Lipstick Vibe's: small, powerful and to the point.

And I loved the Lickety Split, so I knew that the XS was going to be a hit as well.

The first thing that I noticed when I took the XS out of the package was that it feels like one of those rubbing stones. You know, the kind that you keep in your pocket and touch when you're stressed out.

And don't we all want to be less stressed out, especially this time of the year?


Like a rubbing stone, the vibe has a nice weight and a nice shape. Something that you want to keep your hand on. Though once you power up the XS, the similarities, other than stress relief, end.

XS Velvet SlimThe shape allows you to have total control of where the vibrations are concentrated. Which makes this a great vibe for clitoral stimulation.

There are just two control buttons, conveniently located near the base of the vibe. One button turns on the vibe and allows you to cycle through the three speeds. The other cycles you back down and turns the vibe off. Simple.

And if you’re in the dark, you’ll see that the buttons are illuminated. Very helpful.

In addition to the nice shape and weight, this vibe also feels good. Nice and soft, like velvet. The size of it allows you to throw it into the side pocket of your travel bag or quickly hide it under the sofa cushion if the delivery guy comes by.

The XS is powered by four watch batteries, which are included along with an extra set. How nice is that? It comes in five colors: white, black, blue, purple and pink.

Small, powerful and handy. Sometimes simplicity is all you really want.

Does having an orgasm help reduce your stress level?

(Only 2 more days left so keep reading our 12 Days of Orgasm list.)


Images (top to bottom): Amazon; XMYBOX

Disclosure: I received a free XS Velvet Slim vibrator sample to review.

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