9th Day of Orgasm: Twist & Moan

ContortionistDay 9 of the 12 Days of Orgasm is all about flexibility.

And with today's sex toy review of the Ogee Twistee G-Vibe ($44.95), the name really says it all.

The Ogee reminds me of the game Twister. You know the one where you had to twist your body like a contortionist to put your hands and feet on the correct color dots. The most flexible person always won.

Well the flexibility of this vibe makes it a winner too. It can bend and twist to hit you right where it counts. For some women, that means the elusive G-spot, that part of a woman’s anatomy which is a source of extreme pleasure. For others, it's just good old fashioned clitoral stimulation.

How does the Ogee do it?


The vibe is made of a soft-to-the-touch rubber. And the whole thing can bend any way you want it to. Kind of like an old-fashioned Gumby doll. The Ogee bends in the middle and at the end and twists every which way so it can be shaped to go in any direction. That equals more of a chance that it will be successful.

Ogg vibratorAt the top of the vibe is a contoured nub designed specifically to reach the G-spot. And all along the insides of the vibe are little raised nubs meant to increase your stimulation. They work!

This battery-operated vibe also has a few smooth lines running along the outside that are supposed to be lube channels so that when you use this vibe during intercourse, things are kept smooth.

With all of these multiple pleasure zones being stimulated, you have a greater chance of getting your pleasure on at least in some way.

The Ogee is also waterproof, has three speeds, and comes with extra batteries. Nice! It also comes with a satin storage bag. Better than hiding it at the bottom of your underwear drawer.

Now, the vibe is meant to be used both solo and with your partner. I tried it both ways. (Hey, it’s a tough job but it’s my job.) And my preference? Solo. It just wasn’t that comfortable for me as an addition to intercourse. But everybody's anatomy is different. Try it for yourself.

Three more days of sex toy reviews. All different and all exciting.

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Images (top to bottom): The Rohit/Flickr; The Screaming O


Disclosure: I received a free Ogee Twistee G-Vibe sample to review.

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