8th Day of Orgasm: Sexy Jewelry

BraceletMost women like jewelry. I appreciate it, own a few pieces of it, and even got a beautiful necklace in a little blue box for my recent birthday.

Wearing a pretty piece of jewelry, or even one that has sentimental value, can make you smile or put you in a good mood.

On day 8 of the 12 Days of Orgasm, I feel like I got a pretty piece of totally pleasuring jewelry.

Opening up the LELO's Alia vibrator ($119) was like opening up a jewelry box. Inside was a beautiful elliptical-shaped pink vibrator with a silver rimmed hole in the center. I could almost wear it as a bangle bracelet if my wrists were thinner.

So it's pretty. But what does it do?


Well, Alia is not just pretty to look at. It does a whole lot of pleasing.

LELO Alia vibe

Alia is one of three vibes from LELO's new Insignia line of waterproof, rechargeable vibrators, all having that hole in the center. Having the hole in the center makes you want to give it a couple of spins around on your finger but the hole is really to help you grip the vibe, both in the water and out.

And the control buttons are placed where your thumb, or your partner's thumb, is while using the vibe. Their slightly raised design ensures no fumbling around. Each button is shaped differently: one to increase the intensity of vibrations, one to change the pattern of the vibrations and one to cycle back down and turn it off.

There are 6 stimulation modes and when the vibe is fully charged, it can last up to 4 hours. Another nice feature? The vibe is nearly silent. No distracting buzzing sound and very discrete.

This is a great vibe for both solo and partnered play. The egg shape design allows for very specific placement of the nose of the vibe. You can use it in the tub by yourself or as part of oral sex or even intercourse.

In the box with the vibe also comes a very stylish silver pin in the shape of the Insignia line logo. I’m going to wear the pin to the next holiday party I attend. I think it’s very stylish. And I would like to think that anyone who knew what it symbolized would approach me and welcome me in to their secret society. I love being part of a secret society.

As for the necklace I recently received, it was from a girlfriend, not from my husband. He doesn't do jewelry. But he sure liked the jewel of a vibe Alia

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Which would you prefer? A jewel of a vibe or some real jewels?

Images(top to bottom): GlitzUK/Flickr; Velvet Box


Disclosure: I received a free LELO Alia vibrator sample to review.


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