Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter: Did 'Dexter' Kill Their Marriage?

Michael C. Hall Jennifer CarpenterOh, it's sad divorce news from my serial killer crush Michael C. Hall of Dexter -- who used to be my gay mortician crush on Six Feet Under. Like many fans of Dexter, I was shocked when Hall married Jennifer Carpenter, his on-screen sister Debra Morgan, in the first place. And no, not just because she plays his sister on the show ... I'm not that easily ruffled. No, I was shocked because I'm pretty sure Michael and Jennifer's personalities are just like those of the characters they play on the show.

Shut it. You know you think so too.

Hall seems cerebral, obsessive, and intense just like Dexter, not in the killer way, mind you. I imagine Carpenter is a hot mess just like her character Debra. And based on the gossip going around about the breakup, maybe Jennifer truly does have a little neurotic Debra in her after all.

Early seasons' spoilers ahead ...


On Dexter, Jennifer Carpenter plays nutty Debra, who has a penchant for chronic cursing, being extremely anxious, and falling for all the wrong guys (spoilers!!!): first, a serial killer, then a much-older special agent (and fill-in for her long lost daddy), next a confidential informant, and then back to the old dude. Debra often corners her brother Dexter with emotional, anxiety-ridden outpourings with too much information over her personal problems with men.

Does Jennifer Carpenter have the same problem with spilling her dirt in real life?

Access Hollywood reports:

Carpenter was going around the set talking about the couple’s problems during the course of the show’s production.

Wow, how very Debra of her! 

And apparently these antics have Hall and the other Dexter cast members on edge worrying how this breakup might get in the way of the duo's working relationship. Oh, I hope not!

So did gritty Dexter life ooze into Hall-Carpenter marital bliss? Did their characters' personality flaws ooze into real life? On the show, Debra is so self-centered she doesn't even see that her only brother, who works in the same police department as she does, is a serial killer. But Michael C. Hall can probably keep a lot inside. Did he have trouble committing and opening up just like Dexter?

Or are they both just really good actors?

Did you think Hall and Carpenter seemed like a good match?


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