6th Day of Orgasm: A Man Ring

cherryI'm at the midway point on my quest to review 12 sex toys in as many days for the 12 Days of Orgasm. And it’s time to change direction a little bit.

Don't get me wrong, the last 5 days have just flown by and boy have I been having fun. Some of it alone and some of it with my good sport of a husband.

I’ve tried all sorts of sex toys from waterproof massagers to external vibrators that look like tongues. All things that are about me.

But aren't the holidays about giving? So what about a toy for the man in your life?

I’ve got the perfect item and it even has the perfect name: The Cherry on Top ($26.96).


Cherry on top ringThe Cherry on Top is hot pink but don’t let that throw you. This is a man’s toy. Note the big hole in the center. The material is very stretchy and soft so it's easy for a man to get on his penis, or for you to put it on for him. And the ring stays in place.

The toy has slots on both ends for the two insertable bullets that come with it. The top of each bullet has a button that allows you to scroll through and pick one of nine vibration patterns. And the whole thing is waterproof, so you can take in to the hot tub if you’d like.

Cock ring novices, like myself, may wonder, "But what does it do?" And, "Does it work?"

I don’t have much, ahem, experience in the whole realm of cock rings but ... cock rings work by trapping blood in the penis, which can cause a firmer erection and greater engorgement. Sounds good.

Add to that the stimulation from the vibrating bullet to your partner's testicles and the clitoral stimulation that you receive from the other bullet and I have to say that, yeah, it works.

And that's all I have to say about that!

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Images (top to bottom): stevendepolo/Flickr; XMYBOX


Disclosure: I received a free Cherry On Top vibrator sample to review.

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