Is Nicole Richie Really Married?

nicole richie wedding
What am I hiding?
We thought Joel Madden and Nicole Richie were supposed to get married this weekend. Rumor had it that dad/sexy song singer, Lionel Richie, threw a wedding for his daughter and it was a gorgeous affair. There were pictures of tents rising in the backyard of Richie's Bel Air mansion, and lists of the invited and the scorned (that's right, Paris, you were scorned!).

Yet here it is Monday, and not only have no photos shown up of the bride and her groom on their big day, some other photos have us wondering if the blessed event even took place.

RadarOnline snapped some shots of a very happy Nicole Richie, sans Joel, and sans wedding ring. What the?


As the (supposed) newlywed went out for a stroll in Beverly Hills, she was not sporting a ring on her left hand. Not even a tattoo that says "Joel Forever" around her ring finger. That's not how a new bride acts! You've got to show that ring off, girl. Even Kate Middleton gets that, and she's only engaged.

I don't understand people who get married but don't wear wedding rings. Or should I say, I don't trust people who get married and don't wear a wedding ring. Either way, Nicole, you need to show us the ring, or we're going to go around saying you just had a huge party in your dad's backyard to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of Renaissance.

Do you ever take your wedding ring off in public?


Image via AshleyCooper/Flickr

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