6 Holiday Gifts for the All Natural Lover

Reusable shopping bagDo you have someone on your gift list that likes to be all natural when they are au naturel?

It would make sense because we live in an ever-increasing eco conscious world. Organic foods brought home from the market in reusable shopping bags carried from our hybrid automobiles and into our chemical free homes.

So why should what we do in our bedrooms be any less environmentally friendly? We don't want to contaminate our bodies after we've worked so hard to keep them chemical free.

So let's take our earth friendly ways into our bedrooms or wherever else we’re going to be intimate.

Here are 6 products for the All Natural Lover on your gift list:


LubeAlmost Naked Organic Lube ($14): This personal lubricant  is completely all natural. No parabens, no petrochemicals, and 100 percent vegan. The lube has just the slightest scent of vanilla and lemon. Totally edible and good to the last drop!



Smartballs ($30): Used for both vaginal and anal play, thisSmartballs sex toy is made with elastomer, which is a food grade, phthalate-free vinyl. Easy to clean and comes in 4 colors. Very smart!



Solar bullet

Solar Bullet ($34): Harnessing the power of the sun to benefit both you and Mother Nature. After 8 hours of sunlight, this bullet vibe will give you an hour of 2-speed pleasure. Batteries not needed.




massage candle


Ignite Me Massage Candle ($10): Dual purpose soy based candle. Light it, let it melt and then use the wax to massage your partner. Comes in yummy different scents including my favorite, Pomegranate Mint.

wood vibe



Treeze Ribbed Vibrating Wood Pleasure Wand ($80): Never thought I would use a wood vibrator to stand in for a real woody but this vibrator is made of a hybrid wood/urethane material. It's treated to have a non-porous, waterproof surface and comes in different colors but I'm partial to the multi-colored look.



glyde condoms

Glyde Vegan Condoms ($14 for 12): These condoms are 100 percent vegan and not tested on animals. They come in different sizes and some are flavored. The condoms are latex but without the milk protein found in most latex condoms.

What would your all natural lover want?


Images (top to bottom): Liz/Flickr; Good Clean Love; Earth Erotics; Babeland; Good Vibrations; Don Wands; The Sensual Vegan

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