The Science of Breaking Up: When to Expect It & More

If you have ever been dumped in early December, know that you aren't alone. It turns out, the first Monday in December is much like the first Tuesday (after the first Monday) in November, only instead of electing government officials, someone is getting dumped. In other words, that is Break-Up Day -- an unofficial day of mourning for many as it's the most common day on the calendar to receive a "Dear John" letter.

The blog analysis created by bloggers Lee Byron and David McCandless hopes to make "the big picture of how we breakup more clear, we can take comfort in just how special the relationships that last truly are."

So, if you got dumped on Christmas, you are pretty unique. Few people get dumped that day, but don't worry, you can still get dumped on other days! There are spikes besides the beginning of December.


The beginning of March (also known as Spring Break) is also a popular time to break up. It makes sense, right? Dump your girlfriend, have sex with a stripper at Senor Frogs! Perfect!

Of course, the reason for breakups were also analyzed in the same way and this reveals some of the more bizarre truths. Among them:

We broke up because: "her husband needs oral sex"; "I wasn't over a boyfriend who died"; "I hit him"; "I thought I would lose my child if I stayed with him."

OK then. Clearly, if you've ever been dumped (or dumped) for any reason at all, then you're probably normal. Personally, I have dumped people for some embarrassing reasons. Chief among them? Not being "Jack-like" enough when I went through my Titanic obsession. Oh the hideous humiliation!

A lot of people just are not happy in their relationships. About 56 percent of adults say they're unhappy with their sex life and 22 percent of married people have had an affair. Cheating is one of the most popular reasons for breaking up, with 25 percent of women and 18 percent of men reporting it as the reason for their last relationship's end.

And also:

Many find success as 2.5 million per year vow "Till death do we part," albeit nearly half will break that vow. 5.4% of adults, for better or worse die having never married.


What do you think of this study?


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