Romantic Digital Love Letter Has Haters

YouTube VideoWe may think that because we live in a world where we're constantly linked to each other, there's no longer any need to be romantic.

Wait, let me rephrase that, men think there is no need to be romantic.

But commercial editor/director Walter May took the romantic age message in a bottle idea and turned it into a modern act of love for his long-distance girlfriend Alexis. He wrote a song titled "I Hope This Gets to You" and created a video with his roommates' band, but instead of sending it to her directly, he casted it out into the Internet sea so that she would, hopefully, receive it organically. 


He blocked her on Twitter and messaged all of their mutual friends and requested that they held back from sharing it via social media. The video went viral, mostly thanks to a tweet from Katy Perry, and two days and 140,000 views later, the video arrived in Alexis's newsfeed.

Seriously, does this guy not win Best Boyfriend of the Year Award?

Just goes to show you that, even if you live across the country from your loved one, you can still feel connected (and it doesn't hurt if your boyfriend is a talented and creative romantic). Of course, there are doubters out there (what romance story would be complete without them?), saying that May's intentions weren't purely for love.

Someone who I can only imagine to be a bitter, cynical soul, wrote in an article for Ad Age, "What is love in the digital age? Self-promotional and unoriginal, judging by this video uploaded to YouTube three days ago by one Walter C. May." Gee, sucking the passion right out of that one, eh? No wonder romance is dead. 

I believe that the video was created out of love, but I'm just a silly hopeless romantic.

Think this video was done for love or publicity?


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