Men From the Sticks, Have Bigger ...

cowboyThe saying that "Everything is bigger in Texas" may extend beyond belt buckles and cowboy hats. The medical journal Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine reported results on a survey of 6,200 boys that shows a "modest though significant difference … with respect to penile size between urban and rural populations."

To put it bluntly, country boys are hung like the horses they ride.


They theorize that it has something to do with their diets -- urban guys grow up eating processed foods while rural guys eat more fresh vegetables picked straight from the garden and farm-fed beef.

Now usually, I scoff at these scientific sex studies. I mean, men getting aroused by the smell of pumpkin pie? Give me a break. But this one I support. Why? Because, per my own personal studying, I've found this to be completely true.

I may live in the city now, but I thank the good Lord above that I was raised Southern, growing up on 26-acres of land without a neighboring house in sight. The boys drove pick-up trucks and if you went into any bar, you'd see a slew of cowboy hats and boots.

It wasn't until I moved up to NYC that I realized how very lucky I had been behind closed doors. I quickly learned that even the smallest Southern encounters were considered average elsewhere, and just how small "small" truly could get. 

Not that every country mouse is bigger than every city mouse. But, overall, let's just say they definitely know how to breed 'em in the country.

The study was conducted not to help rural areas become more populated by enticing women to give up city life for a sudden urge of fresh air, but to establish a "baseline set of data for tracking male puberty onset." In normal people's terms, to try to figure out the cause of why puberty ages are shifting. Though the reason behind the study isn't nearly as sexy as the findings, it does give us an excuse to make cheesy sexual references and all that junk (zing!).

Save a horse, ride a cowboy, indeed.

In your experiences, think there's truth in this study?


Image via andrew and hobbes/Flickr

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