3rd Day of Orgasm: A Miracle Come True

Remote control airplaneUsually when you’re talking about sex and size, the word micro is not used in a good way. But today, on day 3 of the 12 Days of Orgasm, I’m going to tell you otherwise. Because powerful things can come in small packages.

The name of today’s sex toy, My Micro-Miracle Massager ($21.50), is an accurate description. It looked pretty small when I took it out of the package, measuring at a little over 4 inches.

But you know it’s not the size that matters, right?


It's what you do with it. And you can make this massager have some intense vibrations.

The head of the massager is dome-shaped and looks like a mushroom cap. On the sides of the head are a series of ridges that are large enough to add to your experience. The whole head is completely flexible and can be bent to over a 90-degree angle.

The entire massager has a nice weight to it and is covered in a nice-feeling silky smooth material.

It's turned on by rotating the base clockwise. The more you turn, the more intense the vibration. And it gets pretty intense. High intensity is HIGH.

One drawback, especially when throttled to the limit, is that the vibrator makes a loud buzzing sound, kind of like one of those large remote-controlled airplanes. This is not a toy you can't use and expect to be discrete.

The vibrator comes with a hand strap at the base, which gives it the look of a big key chain. One way the strap could come in handy? If you use the massager, say in the ocean (it’s waterproof) and lose your grip on it. Otherwise, I would take the strap off because it can get in the way. It’s made out of nylon and isn’t as easy to clean as the rest of the vibe.

Another thoughtful feature? The vibe takes 6 watch batteries to operate, but it comes with 12 of them. I love that. No running to the store and asking the clerk where the economy pack of watch batteries is. You might as well say, "Hey, I need extra batteries to power up my vibrator so I can go get off."

I think the name Micro-Miracle says it all. Because aren't we all looking for a miracle?

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Would you like this miracle in your stocking?


Images (top to bottom): burlington_rc/Flickr; California Exotics Novelties


Disclosure: I received a free My Micro-Miracle Massager sample to review.

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