4th Day of Orgasm: Tongue Twister

Technology signWow, the sex toy times are a changin’.

The toy I tested for this 4th Day of Orgasm is a perfect example of how companies are putting technological innovations to work to help us help ourselves to more pleasure.

Jimmyjane’s FORM 3 vibrator ($145.00) is the most technologically advanced sex toy I’ve ever experienced. And it’s also the most expensive.

The FORM 3 is ergonomically designed, shaped like a computer mouse and fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. It's made out of a really soft, phthalate-free silicone material. 

This is all great but not what really impressed me. Read on to see what knocked me off my feet.


FORM 3The really impressive part of this vibrator is the top half. It’s shaped like a giant tongue. A giant, translucent tongue that can bend forwards and backwards and can even be manipulated in its center by your fingers.

Love that!

This center part of the vibe, called the Touchpad, allows your fingers to focus the vibration exactly where you want it. Which is important because there are 5 power levels and 4 vibration modes. Multiple combinations for multiple experiences. The controls are easily accessible near the base of the vibrator.

The FORM 3 battery lasts 7 plus hours and is rechargeable. The whole thing is waterproof and can be locked for travel. No accidental buzzing while you're going through security. 

But most importantly, does it work?

Yes and more yes. Though I enjoyed it while I was solo, I really found it to be an excellent addition to couple's play. And while I usually try not to throw my husband under the bus when I blog, I have to say that he was impressed with the toy as well.

Technology sure has come a long way, baby. And here I thought the iPad was cool.

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Do you know a more technologically advanced sex toy than this one?


Images (top to bottom): CP/Flickr; Jimmyjane


Disclosure: I received a free FORM3 sample to review.

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