5 Gifts for the Lingerie Vixen

Fancy lingerie is one of those gifts that just keeps on giving, although not necessarily just to the recipient.Think of it like a gift for the whole family!

Of course, few moms take the time (or want to spend the money) on hot lingerie for themselves, so when it comes to holiday gifts, this is the ultimate, "she would never buy this for herself" kind of treat. So do it up right for the lady!

If you are a man buying for a woman, well then you know what you like. But there is not much that says, " I pamper myself" more than a sexy little number that only she knows is on beneath her clothing.

So here a few ideas..  good for her and for him, too!



The mistletoe unerwire chemise: $200

Nothing says holidays like this little outfit. It is silly, it is frivolous and she will love it. Imagine her singing Santa Baby and prancing around under the tree. Sexy, huh? Now order!

Maribou Mules: $290

Next to bare feet, there is not much sexier to wear with lingerie than a sexy little pair of maribou mules. How Marilyn Monroe are these? This little splurge will have her squealing and in the mood to possibly just take it all off.

Lingerie storage bag: $18

What better way to store pretty little pieces than in a handmade bag from Etsy? If your lady has a collection that is just sitting in a drawer, give her an intimate and nice way to take care of it...  and you!

Winter pasties: $16

Obviously this is not a gift for everyone, but for the wild lady who is looking for something a little impractical, but deadly sexy, try these pasties. Great theme, too! Perfect for the holidays. Sexy, flirty and totally out there, the most perfect holiday gift she will NEVER buy for herself.

Short robe: $345

This is obviously a huge splurge, but for the ultimate lingerie cover-up, you can't go wrong with a La Perla robe. Romantic and sexy and luxurious. Get this for a woman who does a lot for others all year long.



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