Guys Reveal Their 'Get Laid' Outfit, and We Respond

male modelWe tear our closets apart before a hot date trying to find that perfect outfit that's subtly sexy, and most of us have that special pair of underwear that we only pull out when we know someone is going to be seeing it later. But apparently guys have their own version of "I'm gonna get me some" wardrobe. asked 10 guys what they wear when they go out hoping to get laid. Based on their answers, it's going to be a long, cold, and dry winter for some of these dudes. We took the six best responses and gave them a quick critique. Hopefully they'll read this before they hit the town tonight.


Itzhak: "I would probably wear loafers, because there’s really no excuse for dudes to wear sneakers when they’re going out. Unless they’re jogging, or they’re going to play some kind of sport."

Dear Itzhak: You nailed it with the sneakers/dress pants combo. It's a pet peeve of mine, and many of my girlfriends. Now can you please relay this bit of info to the rest of the male population?

Dominic: "I do have my sex jeans. They're ripped from the pockets down, except there's no pockets. The front and back are just holes; there's no jeans to them. I like them. You get a nice breeze."

Dear Dominic: First of all, I wouldn't talk to you until you put out that disgusting cigarette. Thank you. Now as far as the makeshift chaps -- trust me, they are not sex jeans. Unless you're screwing women who have a severe Western fetish.

Moshe: "What would I wear to get laid? My face. What kind of question is that? I would never put on an outfit specifically to get laid, because I have found that women do not f--k my clothing. Also, I’ve got a sense of humor -- isn't that supposed to be a turn-on for women? And I know who I am, so I'm not bumbling around trying uncomfortably to get in their pants. I dress myself well and, most importantly, I've been on television."

Dear Moshe: Gah, you almost had it! It was a perfect answer up until "I've been on television." A word of advice, don't open with that line. Actually, come to think of it, maybe you should put your wardrobe into consideration because clearly, your personality isn't going to get you any.

Frankie: "Honestly, nothing too different than what I’m wearing. I've done quite a bit of modeling work, so if I did want to get into formalwear, I have a lot of Fred Perry and John Varvatos. I have a car coat, a few blazers, whatever. I don't know, I’d probably just wear some tight shit. Sex sells more than labels."

Dear Frankie: For someone that thinks sex sells more than labels, you sure do a lot of label name-dropping. *cough* pretentious *cough*

Lester: "Funny, because I usually wear anything; I don't really plan what I'm going to wear. But I would say if I was trying to hook up, I would probably wear jeans, a t-shirt, something easy. I have a very distinct look, so I like to make myself at least somewhat approachable, even though I do work in fashion and sometimes tend to have more fun than others with my wardrobe."

Dear Lester: Can't go wrong with jeans and a tee. Though, with that bright red hair, I'm assuming that you lean in the artsy direction, so might want to step it up just a bit.

TJ: "The same shit I am wearing now. Nothing would change. If I were determined to have a one-night stand, honestly, I'd probably just do jeans and a t-shirt with my new Toms -- modest and approachable."

Dear TJ: Nope, don't change a damn thing darlin'. Look exactly like you do in the picture. Yum. Except, what's with these dudes and cigarettes?!

Do you have a "get laid" outfit? If so, what does it look like?


Image via St. Boniface's Catholic College/Flickr

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