Laura Dern & Ben Harper Call It Quits -- On Their Divorce?

Laura Dern Ben HarperOh thank you holidays! This year's list of Hollywood couples going off the rails has been nothing if not depressing, but there may be some hope yet. Laura Dern and Ben Harper may be calling off the divorce just in time for a nice big holiday with their two kids.

Aww, that just warms the cockles, doesn't it? No, really. Their divorce announcement was possibly the most "out of left field" of the year, considering the actress and singer had just been spotted playing happy families not three weeks prior to the split. It was sad ... and scary for the rest of us.


Face it, folks: we all tend to overanalyze Hollywood relationships. It's not because we know a thing about the inner workings of these strangers' lives but because they're a mirror of our own fears. If two people can seem hopelessly devoted to each other one day and on the way to splitsville the next, we can't help but wonder: is that my fate?

Our brains know we should not take it so seriously. We have no clue what has been happening behind closed doors. These people are paid to put on a show; they tend to be rather good at it. Unless you're living the dream and you're BFFs with the in-crowd, you don't know how long they've been just acting like they're in love.

But who falls in love with their brain? It takes a cold fish to approach relationships with intelligence and weighted debates. So we get all giggly on Hollywood couple's sweet stories and snuggling snapshots, and we get weepy when it all falls apart in a glorious overpublicized train wreck with us rubbernecking our hearts out.

The problem is we don't use our brains when we start using the Hollywood relationship rubric in our own lives. If you looked at Laura Dern and Ben Harper and said, "Hey, if they could fall apart that fast, I could too," you probably weren't alone. A LOT of people do this -- even if they don't admit it.

Which is why we need the good stories like this too, to balance out our crazy and remind us: Hollywood couples like to have a happy holiday too. Do you find yourself over-thinking these strangers' marriages?


Image via Getty Images/Frazer Harrison/Staff

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