Elizabeth Edwards Funeral: Why Rielle Hunter Should Go

Rielle Hunter Oprah interviewShould Rielle Hunter, mistress of John Edwards and mother of his child, attend his wife Elizabeth Edwards' funeral?

After all, Rielle Hunter hopes to marry John Edwards someday soon, which would make her stepmom to John and Elizabeth's kids, two of whom are still young and live at home. And, that aside, Rielle is already and forever the mother of the Edwards kids' half sister Quinn. The kids are already blood-linked to Rielle for life through their youngest sibling. So whether anyone likes it or not, that little innocent child makes them all -- even Elizabeth before her tragic passing -- a blended family already, whether Rielle ultimately gets her ring from John or not.

And if she and John are still in a relationship, maybe he needs her, too. To be by his side so he can be strong for his children and all the other mourners.

So shouldn't Rielle, if she is his beloved, be there at the funeral?


Before you call me a wacky modern family lovefester, think about it. We don't know the intricacies of this blended family. Perhaps John and Rielle are still together in their private lives. Perhaps the kids already know and have a relationship with Rielle. Maybe their relationship, as painful as its start was to everyone involved, is ordinary life to them now. If so, what would they think if Rielle didn't show up to be there for them all in their time of need?

No doubt it's interesting to ponder, right?

Of course, no matter what, I hope Rielle would respect the family's wishes if they don't want her to attend, for their own sakes or for the comfort of other attendees. After all, this day is not only for the immediate family, but it should be a safe place for close family and friends to remember Elizabeth Edwards, say goodbye, and pay their respects. This day should NOT be "infected" by the precise crazymaking that made Elizabeth's last years so much more difficult than they had to be.

Unfortunately, Rielle, this is the choice you made for yourself when you went about your affair with John while he was still married. If John's family ever really has or ever does let you "inside" in any way, they are saints.

Is there any reason good enough that Rielle should attend Elizabeth's funeral?


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