Michael Lohan Spills About Lindsay's Conception -- Ew!

lindsay lohanGood to know we can always count on Michael Lohan to be a totally despicable human being. His latest antic is revealing to the "Playboy Morning Show" on Sirius-XM radio details about the night Lindsay Lohan was conceived. Sheesh, no wonder his eldest daughter has so many problems -- is nothing sacred to this man?

In the interview, Michael divulged Lindsay was conceived with his then-wife Dina Lohan when the two were staying in a Swiss chalet and he was high on pot. (It was, of course, the first time he had ever experimented with cannabis.)

He even let it slip which sexual position he thought they were in ... but I'm going to let you find that out for yourselves because I'm classy and have to draw the line somewhere.

Why is Michael Lohan so incredibly disgusting?

Image via Splashnews.com

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