5 Gifts for the Dad Who Deserves a Splurge

Dads often get a bum rap in our society and sometimes for good reason, but for the good ones, it can sometimes be a bummer to feel unappreciated, unadored, and downright unloved all around.

Plus, if your man is anything like my man, he spends the year poring over catalogs and online retail sites looking for gifts for his children and rarely buys anything for himself.

So if your guy is the kind who shovels the walkway, takes out the trash, does the dishes, send you out for girls' night, and reads 25 bedtime stories each and every night, maybe this is the year for a splurge.

Show your man how much everyone loves him and just how much he means to you all with these "splurge-worthy" items:


The Kindle: $139 at Amazon

The Kindle is probably the best gift for any reader on your list this year. It's a small, lightweight way to carry hundreds and hundreds of books anywhere you go. To say it revolutionizes reading is an understatement. It has no glare the way a computer or iPhone has, is easy to hold, and best of all, transports easily. No more huge paperbacks stuffed into the suitcase on business trips!

The world's largest gummy bear: $29.95 at Vat19

This is a bizarre gift and something he would never buy for himself. If he's a Simpsons fan like my man, he will be especially enamored of this -- include some DVDs. If he asks you why you felt compelled to spend $30 on a gummy bear, you can tell him, "Baby, it's because you are gummy awesome." Awww. He'll love it.

Flying lessons: $75+

This is a great gift for the guy who always wanted to be a pilot, but would never buy lessons for himself because they're too expensive. The package includes a variety of airports and one should be close enough to your town. Let him take to the skies and get a day away from the family.

Spy School: $450

Does your man watch James Bond and weep for what could have been? Send him to M16 Academy where he can learn samurai sword fighting, knife fighting skills, alternative weapons, poker with the pros, and martini mixology lessons. Give him a great weekend away. Bonus points if you can get a guy to go with him! Make him have a good weekend.

iPad: $499

If your man is a tech-lover, there isn't much better out there than the iPad right now. It combines the best of the iPhone, the Kindle, the iPod, a portable DVD player, and more in one amazing, small package. If you really want to make your man smile, splurge on this. Guaranteed winner!


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