Dear Santa: 10 Gifts I Want More Than a Boyfriend

christmas girlEven though this time of year is the most popular time for break-ups, the holidays are definitely pro-relationship. That's why dating websites' numbers skyrocket around the end of November -- people hate being single towards the end of the year.

In fact, recently discovered that finding someone special is the #1 stress for singles -- not their finances which are slowly dwindling away because of shopping, not their electric bill which has gone way up due to the extra lights -- they just don't want to be alone. Plus there's that ever looming New Year's Eve kiss ...

I totally get it. You want a date for the holiday parties, you want someone to decorate a tree with and to shop for, to kiss under the mistletoe and, for the love of candy canes, be able to tell Aunt Marge that, yes, finally you met someone special.

But you know what, screw the mistletoe, the holidays actually aren't so bad solo. Here are ten gifts us single gals get to enjoy:

  1. Freedom: You don't have to schmooze at any significant others' stuck-up office holiday parties where you don't know a soul.
  2. Flirting: You can bring a gal pal to the parties that you're invited to, and both of you are free to flirt.
  3. Going Headache-Free: Just the relief of not having to figure out what the heck to get your boyfriend for Christmas is reason enough on it's own. 
  4. Money: You can spend the money that you saved for not having to buy a gift on a little somethin' somethin' for yourself.
  5. Meet-and-Greet Free: No meeting the parents over awkward holiday traditions.
  6. Sexy Strangers: Okay, so don't blow off the mistletoe if there's a hottie underneath it waiting for you.
  7. Personal Expression: You can decorate the tree all pink if your little heart desires.
  8. Time With Loved Ones: No sacrificing time with your family, to spend with his.
  9. A Fling: You can enjoy a fun fling with your old high school boyfriend (assuming he's also single) while home for the holidays.
  10. Confidence: You don't have to worry about that break-up trend -- you're already single!

See, single during the holidays is looking better all the time, isn't it?

Are you single this holiday season? If so, would you rather be in a relationship, or are you happy as is?

Image via alvin0118/Flickr

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