Vegetarians Dating Meat Eaters: Doomed From the Start

fruit fliesI'm not sure what I'm more insulted about -- the fact that the food that I eat could be the reason why I'm single or that our human mating habits are being compared to fruit flies.

Scientists have been closely monitoring a group of fruit flies and how they sexually respond to each other, based on their diets. Long story short, fruit flies preferred to mate with other flies who ate the same foods they did. So since the fruit flies were diet-picky, it sent the scientists into a whirlwind about evolution and blah, blah, blah, basically saying, according to the study, all of you vegetarian-meat eater couples are doomed


Okay, so there may not be any starch/sugar couplings amongst the insects, but flies aside, it does bring up the question if it's really possible for a mixed-diet couple to last?

Of course it's possible -- my aunt is a vegetarian and has been happy with her carnivore husband for years -- but it's hard as hell. It definitely takes an understanding and respect for the other person’s lifestyle choice to make it work. I’ve had men full out ask me, “You’re not a vegetarian are you? I can’t date someone who’s that picky” if I ordered a meatless dish while on a date. I’m not a vegetarian by any means, but I took serious offense to that. Would it matter if I was? Apparently so. And FYI dude from last Friday night, vegetarians are far from simply “picky eaters” and I find that entire idea to be extremely narrow-minded.

Meat eaters are terrified that if they date a vegetarian, that means they must succumb to eating various forms of tofu for every meal. You like pasta, right? Soups? Salads? And there's no rule that says you can't order a burger at a restaurant (unless it's your date's rule ... in that case, sorry).

On the flip-side, I sympathize with vegetarians who date meat-eaters. Their stomachs are trained for eating only a vegetarian diet, so not only do they not eat meat, they can get physically sick from the smell or taste of it -- even a taste of someone’s kiss who just wolfed down said burger (meat eaters should always have gum on hand). Sitting across the table from your loved one while he messily scarfs down ribs would gross out anyone ... imagine what it does to a vegetarian?

But, with mutual respect for each other's diet preferences, a vegetarian and carnivore can beat all odds -- going against pure nature and the fate of the fruit flies. Now they just gotta figure out what the kids will eat.

Have you ever dated someone with an extremely different diet than you? Was it difficult for you to handle?


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