30 Reasons the 30s Are the Best Decade for Sex

When we hit 30, certain things get worse -- our boobs, ability to pull all-nighters, and energy levels -- but our sex life is not one of them. That, my friends, is about to get so much better.

Reese Withspoon told US Weekly this week that her sex life has improved by leaps and bounds in her 30s and you don't have to be a super hot celebrity to agree. Gone is the insecurity and worry of your 20s, but you're still young enough to feel hot (not saying older women aren't hot, just pointing out how women feel about themselves).

It's the decade-long sweet spot between frantic, stressed out youth and feeling old. It's called the "dirty 30s" for a reason, actually, for 30 of them:

  1. Energy: Not as much as in your 20s, but still some to spare.
  2. Self-esteem: You finally know yourself.
  3. Commitment: You're likely in more committed, calmer relationships than you have had in the past.
  4. Experience: More than a decade of sexual experience. Phone sex? Done it. Porn? Watched it. Bye-bye prude-y 20s!
  5. Body: More comfortable in it and you know how to take care of it better.
  6. Peak: Women peak sexually and athletically in their 30s.
  7. Inhibitions: So long!
  8. Hang-ups: You, too!
  9. Love: You're probably in it or at least have been.
  10. Variety: You have probably had a few kinds of sex, enough to know what you like.
  11. Masturbation: You know how and that makes sex better with a lover.
  12. Trust: You know who to trust and how to do so.
  13. Open: Some people get more close-minded as they age, but the 30s are still an open-minded time to experiment and play.
  14. Intelligence: You're so much smarter in your 30s both in book learning and common sense.
  15. Tolerance: Things don't "gross you out" like they used to.
  16. Knowing: What you want and how to get it.
  17. Orgasms: They just keep getting better.
  18. Turn-Ons: You know yours and your lover's. 
  19. Laughter: You know it's the most important part of sex and how to get it.
  20. Time: Women in their 30s make the most of theirs.
  21. Discipline: We have usually found it.
  22. Confidence: In our bodies and choices and in who we are.
  23. Lust: It grows and grows. 
  24. Words: You know more now, use them!
  25. Tolerance: Sexual things that used to stress you don't anymore. 
  26. Boundaries: More fluid, less rigid, which allows for more experimentation. 
  27. Fear: You have lost it, so tell him what is bad, what is good. The 30s is fearless!
  28. Nudity: You start to embrace it.
  29. Boobs: They still have decades more to droop!
  30. Kissing: It only improves ...


Which decade do you think is best for sex?

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