David Beckham & Cheating: Will Posh Ever Leave?

David Beckham has always claimed that he is innocent of the cheating allegations that seem to swirl around his marriage to Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham

Right now, the couple is suing a tabloid publisher for libel over the claims and the publisher is fighting back. They released court papers citing their sources and it's pretty incriminating for Beckham. According to RadarOnline.com:

A source told In Touch how the lingerie store worker showed friends text messages she received from Beckham and that In Touch "continued to believe that Beckham did have a relationship with this lingerie saleswoman" even though he and the woman had denied it.


A source told In Touch that Beckham waited in the lobby at the Sunset Tower Hotel one night speaking anxiously on the phone before leaving with a pretty young blonde woman.

At least three sets of independent sources -- including an acquaintance of Beckham -- detailed his strange behavior at two different hotels, at which he appeared to be spending time with women who were not his wife.

Beckham's nanny saw suggestive text messages implying that he had an affair with Shery Shabani, the Beverly Hills mother whose children go to the same posh private school as Beckham's three boys.

It appears as though the rumors, if you can call them that, may be true.


Seriously, did anyone besides Posh believe they weren't? At a certain point, when the rumors become overwhelming, one should probably start to seriously question or hire their own private investigator.

Beckham is arguably one of the sexiest men on the planet and thousands of women would gladly ignore his marriage vows for a chance with him. That much is clear. What is less clear is why Posh -- the mother of his three sons -- chooses to stay with him. She is often depicted in the media as either benefiting from the union by living her "posh" lifestyle or as completely whipped and somewhat of a victim. What about a third theory?

What if she's staying with him because the allegations of cheating are worth tolerating in order to keep her family together?

She's in a tough spot. She's likely being continually cheated on by her husband, which is not enviable at all. But besides that, they seem to have a generally happy family life, going to soccer games with the kids, raising them together. He is the one stepping out on his marriage and he is the one to blame for the mess, but I can see why she would choose not to leave.

If she leaves, ultimately she will be blamed for ending the marriage. And even though he may deserve it, their family will be broken apart. Divorce is taken far too lightly it seems these days, especially when there are children involved. I'm not saying marriages are always worth saving. I shudder to think of an older woman I know who has been cheated on in her marriage (with both men and women). Her children are grown and and she is miserable with her spouse but stays because she doesn't "believe in divorce."

That is just sad. Some marriages are not worth saving. But some, with young children, probably are. As awful as it is to imagine, I could see staying, too. My husband and I have much, much more than our sex life together. He makes me laugh, keeps me sane, always takes my side, defends me, and is my best friend/partner in crime. I cannot imagine trading that in just because he slept with another woman (or six) who probably meant nothing, especially with our children's future on the line.

It's possible that Posh looks at her marriage as a pie and, yes, one chunk is missing, but that doesn't mean the whole thing is bad. And, despite flying in the face of popular culture, it's a pretty mature and rational way to look at it.

Do you think cheating is forgivable?


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